Residential Plumbing


Reliable residential plumbing service – 100% guarantee.

From the faucets to sump pumps, toilets to sewer lines, the safety of your home and the health of your family rely on a plumbing system in top-notch condition. Plumb Pro Plus provides residential plumbing installation, maintenance and repair of every component of your home’s plumbing system.

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Emergency Plumbing Service

We believe that quality customer services extends to any time you need us — even when an emergency springs up.
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Whole House Filtration

Our whole house water filtration systems by Halo 5 remove harmful chemicals and odors from your water, leaving you with pure, healthy, delcious water for drinking, cleaning, and washing.
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Water Heater Services

We install, maintain, and repair both traditional and tankless water heaters. Talk with us about what’s right for you!
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Damage-Free Leak Detection

We use state-of-the-art electronic leak detection to pinpoint the source of a water leak with minimal damage to your property. Once the leak is detected, our plumbers can quickly do a spot repair, which is far less costly than a major plumbing overhaul.
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Gas Line Services

We provide inspection, installation, and repair for the gas lines that power your furnace, appliances, fireplace, grill, hot tub and more. This is a job your should always leave to the professionals.
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Water & Sewer Line Services

A slow-moving drain, a trickling faucet, a foul odor — these can all be signs of a water or sewer line failure, and it’s important to act quickly. Our team will assess the issue and provide an estimate before starting repair work.
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Well Pump Services

Weak water flow, dirty water, or a sputtering of air when you turn on the water may signal that your well pump is on its way out. We service and replace both jet and submersible pumps.
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Sump Pump Services

If your current sump pump is struggling to get the job done, we’ll be able to quickly tell you if it’s tie for a repair or a replacement. If it is time for an upgrade, we’ll walk you through your options and answer your questions before we proceed.
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Fixture Installation & Repair

When it’s time to replace, remodel, or upgrade your plumbing fixtures, our team is ready to install faucets, toilets, spigots and more.
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Virtual Consultations

Not sure if a visit from Plumb Pro Plus is in order? We can start with a virtual consultation using common conferencing technology.
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Free Inspection!

While we’re making a major fix, we’ll make sure everything is in tip-top shape.
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