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Sewer Line Repair Services

Sewage backups can cause a number of different issues, such as water damage and foul odors. Regular sewer line maintenance can help avoid sewage backups in your home or yard.

sewer line repair

Every bit of waste that leaves a home or building has to go somewhere and for most building it’s the “sewer”. Your sewer system could be older than the building making it essential to ensure it receives the proper care throughout its lifetime. For the most part, this active part is not given much thought unless something goes horribly wrong!

The big question for most property owners is: “Do I have a problem and when should I call a professional for sewer line repair services?”

A sewer line blockage in one of the drain pipes is typically an easy fix; however, sewer line breaks, cracks, or collapses further down the piping could result in a bigger problem if not resolved quickly. This prevents the sewage from reaching its destination thus resulting in a nasty smell and a potential mess inside or outside. In these instances, a plumber specializing in sewer line repair is your best bet for getting the problem resolved quickly and affordably.

A Deeper Look into the Problem

Grease, waste, paper, and foreign objects are among the variety of items capable of blocking sewer lines. Beyond a blockage, the pipes also begin to weaken over time making it easier for a pipe to break, crack, or corrode. The presence of these problems is often unknown unless a large visual sign is provided or the common smell arises.

The following are typical sewage disposal issues seen by sewer line repair contractors:

  • Breaks, Collapses, or Cracks – This sewer pipe issues can be the result of a number of problems including soil shifts, freezing, weakening lines.
  • Line Blockage – Grease, soap, hair, food, and additional objects easily stick to the inner walls of pipes and collect in different areas of the sewage system. The items creating the blockage limit or prevent the flow from the structure to the main system.
  • Corroded Pipes – Pipes over time deteriorate or break without any sign of a problem. As these problems get worse, it is possible for a section of the piping to collapse thus restricting the flow of waste.
  • Pipe Bellying – A section of the line dips for a short period and then comes back up. The flow is naturally decreased because waste now has to travel uphill to reach the main sewer line.
  • One or Multiple Leaking Joints – Each pipe making up the sewage system has a joint where a seal exists to prevent leaking. When the seal in this joint becomes deteriorated or damaged, water escapes the piping and leaks into the surrounding area.
  • Root Penetration – Roots from nearby trees or plants have made their way into the piping making normal cleaning processes less effective.
  • Old or Off-Grade Piping – If the current pipes were derived from poor materials then they will corrode or deteriorate at a faster rate requiring repairs or replacement to be done sooner.

The first telltale signs of a problem are the nasty sewage smell coming from pipes or drains within the structure. Another easy to distinguish problem is a slow drain within the structure such as a tub or sink drain.

Additional things to look for when it comes to evaluating your current sewer situation are:

  • Sewage Backups
  • A Cracked Foundation
  • Sudden Lawn or Paved Area Indentations
  • Extra Green or Wet Lawn Patches
  • Gurgling Noises in the Plumbing
  • Signs of Mold on Ceilings below Drain Areas

If water pressure has suddenly decreased or the water bill has drastically increased with no apparent cause, it might be time to contact a sewer repair professional as well. When one or many of these issues has surfaced, a professional has ways to unobtrusively perform a further inspection and identify the root cause of the problem.

How to Prevent Costly, Extensive Repairs

As with any part of your home or business, preventative maintenance is the best line of defense against unforeseen sewer issues. Routine cleaning is an easy way to identify any larger issues and repair them before they continue to expand throughout your sewage system. These cleanings also reduce the chance of a blockage in a pipe that leads to the main sewer line. It would be great if your drains only handled water; however, they are actually required to handle an array of items that easily pile up under the wrong conditions.

Sink, toilet, shower, and tub drains are a big contributor to build-up within one or multiple pipes leading to the main line. Sending the wrong items down them quickly leads to a drainage problem. Cleaning is your first line of defense, as this one action greatly reduces the chance of a blockage or backup. A routine cleaning should be performed once every 1 to 2 years to avoid blockages or backups.

Routine maintenance is one of many steps you can take to prevent an expensive sewer repair. Another option is to use a professionally recommended biodegradable product designed to prevent clogging. Having a professional also inspect the lines at time of cleaning can help in spotting a developing problem before it becomes costly. A professional is able to look at the piping with an in-line camera inspection. This will identify specific problems with the piping such as root penetration, collapses, cracks, or breaks.

What Are Your Sewer Repair Service Options?

It is easy to assume digging is necessary to fix a problem in your sewage line; however, it is not the only solution. Blockages are easily resolved in most cases by using a high pressure cleaning method. This method involves shooting a pressure stream of water through the pipe to free the blockage. Another option is using a snake to push through the pipe and remove any blockages. This method is sometimes used when the piping is older to avoid further damage from the high pressure stream.

The fiber optic camera professionals use today makes it easy to identify the source of the problem and come up with the best repair option. For example, if the problem is with a specific area of piping, sometimes an unobtrusive option may be used to resolve it. In less severe situations, an experienced professional will be able to clean a drain clog or blockage. They also offer services for cleaning the main sewer lines to ensure waste flows properly.

In more sever situations where a pipe has collapsed, broken, or cracked, the following might be required:

  • Digging to Access the Sewer Lines
  • Installation or Replacement of Lines
  • Repairs on an Existing Pipe or Joint
  • Repairs on Internal Fixtures or Water Pipes

When a root is in the way or a pipe has burst, you need a reliable sewer repair contractor to evaluate the problem and provide fast, affordable options for resolving it.

Plumb Pro offers a comprehensive collection of plumbing and sewer repair services backed by more than 20 years of experience. Our services are 100% guaranteed! Give us a call today to discuss your sewer repair options and schedule an inspection for your home or business.